Youth and Mahatma Gandhi

Youth and Mahatma Gandhi

Youth and Mahatma Gandhi In this editorial, articles published in The Hindu, The Indian Express, Business Line etc. are analyzed. In this article, various aspects related to the youth of India take inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s values ​​and are discussed. In-place team vision inputs are also included, as needed.

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Youth and Mahatma Gandhi
Youth and Mahatma Gandhi

Every year  on the occasion of Martyr’s Day , people in India and various parts of the world remember Mahatma Gandhi’s sacrifice and pay tribute to him. Apart from commitment to the ideal of non-violence, casteism, communalism, the need to rise above the spirit of regionalism are some of the core values ​​that Mahatma Gandhi imbibed. 

However, rapidly increasing modernization coupled with globalization has led to a massive change in our lifestyle and especially in the lives of youth in the last decade. 

In addition, widespread demographic changes, political decline, increasing unemployment and a highly market oriented economy have made life very complicated for the new generation. 

There is a need to develop Gandhian values in the youth of modern India to help them deal with these issues and to play a more rational and active role towards nation-building .    

Currently issues related to youth and modern lifestyle: 

  • Increasing intolerance and violence in society: Today’s youth are victims of intolerance, rage and misconceptions, these factors together lead most of them to the path of violence. 
    • This situation worsens when the standard of expectations for achieving an ideal lifestyle rises considerably but the corresponding results are not achieved.
  • Promotion of hedonistic lifestyle due to materialism: Currently the growth of materialistic tendency is being seen in the society, this tendency forces people to search for more and more things in the physical world. This attitude later hedonistic promotes (Hedonism) ideology. 
    • A hedonist does not follow any logic, rationale, or need-based addition of things.
  • Education asymmetry: Today’s younger generation is the victim of an education system that envisages it to be certified to market-worthy standards.
    • However, it created a dichotomy between public and private institutions, leading to widespread inequality among youth in terms of education and unemployment. 
  • Lack of employment : Lack of employment opportunities is one of the most serious concerns for the youth of our country. Presently the Indian employment market has been unable to keep pace with the increasing number of young people seeking jobs in the country.
    • Additionally, the biggest irony is that the current employment market is moving away from rural-based employment, rather most of the job seekers are in rural areas.

Importance of Gandhian ideas for youth in present times: 

  • Facing Intolerance and Violence : Intolerance and Violence are two sides of the same coin, Mahatma Gandhi successfully made truth, satyagraha and peace his weapon during India’s freedom struggle.
    • These ideals inspired many legends around the world, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.
    • Therefore, the youth of India should take inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas and learn how to deal with intolerance and violence peacefully. 
  • Selfless Nationalism:  Today’s youth should surrender themselves wholeheartedly and contribute to write India’s success story. 
    • In this context, Mahatma Gandhi’s comment is most appropriate that “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 
    • Keeping in mind the concept of ‘Vocal for Local’, the youth of the country should pave the way for the development of India through skill and innovation. 
  • Doctrine of Means and Means : The Gandhian formula of ‘means is more important than means’, means that we should also pay attention to its means rather than to achieve the goal at any cost.
    • According to Gandhi, storing excess goods would be a form of theft. In such a situation, it is very necessary to make the youth fully aware of the Gandhian values ​​of the Situationist in order to control the happiness in society.  
    • According to Gandhiji’s Sithaprajna, it includes austerity, taboo, disinterest, spirituality, and a spirit of renunciation.
    • In this way following the Sithagranya can help separate people from materialism or hedonism.
  • Gandhian model of education: Gandhiji believed that education should be value-based and people-oriented. 
    • He always advocated true, national education. True education develops a balanced intellect, which ensures harmonious development of body, mind and soul.
    • This Gandhian doctrine of education may help to remove such inequality, but not to a great extent.
  • Development of self-sufficiency: In view of the   present day unemployment, there is a need for restructuring of the education system and at the same time large scale entrepreneurship should be encouraged in the country to meet the employment demand at both national and local levels. . 
    • In this context, Gandhiji laid special emphasis on providing vocational training to the youth, because such training related to education and practical experience can play an important role in making the youth of the country self-reliant.
    • Vocational education will provide the necessary skills to the youth and it will be helpful in solving the problem of unemployment especially in rural areas.  
    • This will help in building an India that is completely self-sufficient.

The youth of India, being vibrant, energetic and dynamic, is capable of achieving any goal, provided it continues on the right path. In such a situation, Indian youth should always remember these words of Mahatma Gandhi that “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habit, your Habits become your values, your values ​​become your destiny. ”     

Practice Question: To make the youth of India more vibrant and inspire them to play an active role in nation building, there is a need to develop Gandhian values ​​in them. Discuss


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