Wakataka Dynasty

Why in discussion? Wakataka Dynasty In recent archaeological excavations at Nagardhan in Ramtek taluka near Nagpur, some concrete facts regarding the life, religious affiliation and trade practices of the Vakataka Dynasty ruled parts of central and south India between the …

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Early humans in India

Tags:  General Studies-I History of ancient india Human geography Early humans in India For Prelims: Sone River Valley, Volcanic Winter Concept, Loess-Age, Stone Age For Mains: Modern Human Development Period, Stone Age Why in discussion? Recently, an international team of …

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Anglo – Mysore War

Anglo - Mysore War

Anglo – Mysore War The Anglo – Mysore War was a series of four military confrontations between the British and Mysore rulers in India . First Anglo-Mysore War (1767-69) The background The Mysore region emerged as a Hindu state in the year 1612 under the …

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