Satnami Rebellion

The reference

In 1672 AD, there was a war between the peasants and the Mughals at a place called Narnaul near Mathura, which was led by a religious sect called Satnami Rebellion.

Who was Satnami?

Satnami Rebellion
Satnami Rebellion
  • The Satnami sect was founded in Narnaul in 1657 by a saint named “Birbhan”.
  • Satnamis were mostly farmers, artisans and low caste people.
  • They used to call themselves Satnami because they believed in truth and God.
  • The Satnamis have been called monotheistic sects.
  • His religious book was called Pothi.
  • Satnami used to keep his entire body hair off. For this reason he was also called Mundia.

Due to rebellion

  • The Satnami Rebellion began with a quarrel between a Satnami and a Mughal military officer.
  • The rebellion erupted when a Mughal soldier killed Satnami.
  • The Satnamis also killed the soldier for revenge, and in return more Mughal soldiers were sent.
  • This rebellion was quelled when Aurangzeb commanded the rebellion and sent 10,000 soldiers with artillery to crush the Satnamis.
  • The local Hindu zamindars (mostly Rajputs) supported the Mughals in suppressing the rebellion.

For Prelims:

Who was Satnami Rebellion?

For Mains:

Why the rebellion took place, its consequences and significance

Source: Down to Earth

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