Rashtrakuta architecture


  • General Studies-I
  • culture
  • History of ancient india
  • Rock cut architecture
  • In the Rashtrakuta architecture, the Ellora caves near Aurangabad, Maharashtra and the island site Elephanta near Mumbai are important.
  • The finest examples of ‘rock cut architecture’ are the Ellora Caves. They have been included in the list of world heritage.
  • In this, the Kailash Guha Temple (Cave No. 16) is counted among the grandest artifacts of world class. It has been compared to the famous temple ‘Parthenon’ of Athens.
  • Most of the Elephanta caves included in the world heritage are dedicated to Hindu (Shiva) religion and the rest of Buddhism, while Ellora is dedicated to Hindu, Buddhist and Jain trio.
  • Trimurti made in Elephanta is world famous, which is of all three forms of Shiva.
  • The island was called Dharapuri at the time of the Konkani Mauryas, later the Portuguese called it Elephanta due to a huge elephant statue.

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