Modern World History for UPSC Mains

basically  history the story The story with
message  so  batao what is the world history world history is a story of the world with message  here in this  Article we are focusing on modern world history  Modern World History for UPSC Mains

modern world histry
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Modern World History

is a story of the transition of Pre modern world into the modern world now it gets interesting
here you will know how one event lead to another it all started with the World Trade between various continents are countries but with passage of time Modern World History for UPSC Mains

World Trade increased as World Trade increased demand for goods increased it increased to such a level that it went beyond human production demand was high supply was low and this became important cause for Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution along with Renaissance started giving birth to new world order Renaissance and industrial revolution produced some eggs together. but what is Renaissance it is not in the syllabus as it is not in the

UPSC world history syllabus

but it is important to know Renaissance is
the rebirth of rationalism Europe and Middle East for most of its time period and girlfriend dark ages and lack of knowledge lead to superstitious belief mostly because of feudalism in the
7th century a.d. Islam came consolidated its position in West
Asia from 11 century started expanding towards west this give rise to crusades process means Holy war there was nothing Holi about the crusades both sides Wanted to control Silk route they played religious card to bring people and army together finally turks occupied
Constantinople in 1453.

now waste came in trouble it started questioning what went wrong also it created question on existence of the west. so came Renaissance that is rebirth of rationalism. so we wear talking about Renaissance Industrial Revolution together produced some eggs this new order eventually became cost for newly industrialisation for example Germany Italy Japan etc in 19 century clash of interest between new and old watches France and Britain became the cause of World War II World War 2 ended with the use of atom bomb this created?

On the existence of this world order now third world war means end of the world but what was inevitable world cannot survive without versions resources are limited and aspirations are unlimited so it started new development that is cold war cold war means war in winter no no no no it is not like that actually it was geopolitical tension between US and USSR and many more countries cold war ended with the disintegration of USSR in 1991 and this lead to victory of capitalism and Supremacy of us in the world so modern world

What was I covering Topic :-

* Industrial revolution * American Revolution * American Civil War * French Revolution * Rise and fall of Napoleon * Unification of German * Unification of Italy * First world war * Russian Revolution * Economic depression of 1929 * Fascism and Nazism * Second World War * Events after Second World War * Chinese revolution * Far Eastern question * Disintegration of USSR

World History in 5 Minutes for UPSC Mains in English. Here is world history in 5 minutes wala Articale. I hope you will enjoy this Articale. I have kept it short and you will get insights on the causes and effects of events of world history like. Also, we are starting series on world history so subscribe and hit the bell icon to get notifications. #indiashastra Modern world history is basically the story of the transition of Premodern world into the ​modern world.


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