IAS Success Story : Shivani, who could not even pass the pre exam in the first attempt, became the top in the second attempt, such IAS officer became

IAS Success Story : Shivani, who could not even pass the pre exam in the first attempt, became the top in the second attempt, such IAS officer became

Shivani Goyal topped the UPSC CSE exam in the year 2017 with 15th rank in his second attempt. Commerce graduate Shivani shared special tips to pass the exam.

IAS Success Story Shivani Goel: 

Delhi’s Shivani Goyal was always clear about her goal. She had decided long ago that she had to take the UPSC CSE exam and that is why she started preparing from college days. Perhaps that’s why in his second attempt, Shivani not only cleared the exam but also topped the 15th rank. With this, he got his desired IAS post. At a very young age, Shivani reached the destination on the basis of her firm intentions and determination.

Before joining UPSC, Shivani graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi as a minimum education. At the time of graduation, he was not too old to take the UPSC exam, so he took a gap of one year and prepared fiercely. Shivani finally made it to the merit list in her second attempt in the year 2017. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Shivani gave his suggestions to get good marks especially in Essay and Ethics paper. She believes that more effort can be found in these papers with less effort, so pay special attention to them.

Keep in mind these things for this –


Shivani talks about the preparation of essay paper and says that if the beginning and end of this essay are effective then the examiner will have a good effect. Therefore, prepare some anicdotes, quotes, examples or stories in advance that can be used in certain subjects. Although the material is used according to the subject, but some common materials and some common subjects can be prepared beforehand. You can find out about this by looking at the previous year’s paper.


Not only this, seeing the papers of previous years, one becomes your best practice and secondly you also know the pattern of the paper.


Shivani’s second important opinion about the essay is that while writing it, write it in the multidimensional way. That is, cover every small and big aspect related to the subject. She says that it is better to write several points than to unravel a single point and show that you know different dimensions of the subject. All this will come from practice and when practicing, after writing the essay, also compare it with good tears so that you can know your mistakes.

Consider these things for Ethics –

The next important advice Shivani gives is that while writing answers in both essays and ethics, do not deviate from the topic. Also keep in mind that what has been asked, do not tell what comes to you. Next important thing for the Ethics paper is Shivani Syllabus. She says that while syllabus is very important for every paper, as far as ethics is concerned, sit before the syllabus before preparing it. Keep checking each subject and see what kind of material is required to write under it. Like an officer, talk about the solution and not the problem.


When you say something or put your side, write things in support of it, such as any examples, reports, data, facts etc. This emphasizes your point. Keep in mind that both these papers can give you more marks in less hard work, these require just a little practice. And finally their score is used to improve rank. So pay special attention to these.

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