IAS Success Story : IAS officer to become Akshat with second rank in second attempt

IAS Success Story: IAS officer to become Akshat with second rank in second attempt, UPSC’s journey

In his second attempt in the year 2018, IAS Success Story Akshat Jain topped the UPSC CSE examination with All India Rank Two. Prior to this, he was left with two marks in the pre exam. Know about his UPSC journey from Akshat.

IAS Success Story
IAS Success Story

IAS Success Story of  Topper Akshat Jain: 

Akshat Jain has some special connection with issue two. In the year 2017, when he had given the pre exam for the first time, his selection was not done by two marks. After this, in his second attempt in the year 2018, Akshat got All India Rank Two. While giving exams this year, Akshat had the idea that the selection would be made but he did not think that the All India Rank would come. In his earlier student life too, Akshat saw a lot of struggle but did not give up. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Akshat spoke on various issues.

IIT passouts are intact –

Akshat Jain has done his graduation in design from IIT Guwahati before coming into the field of UPSC. His graduation was completed in the year 2017 and for the first time in the preparation of just three months this year he had given the pre of UPSC examination. Despite a lot of effort, Akshat could not clear the exam by double digits. Instead of getting frustrated with this failure, Akshat worked on his shortcomings and gave another second in 2018 after a full year of dedicated preparation. This year, Akshat was not only selected but also got All India Rank Two. Akshat himself did not believe that he would succeed with this rank.

Start with basics –

Talking about his preparation, Akshat says that first of all, check the syllabus of exam properly. They say that often students complain that UPSC syllabus is infinite but they do not believe so. According to him, UPSC has defined syllabus very well. Akshat first saw the syllabus properly and then prepared everything in it.

First of all, he made short notes which came to him in the end. He also advises other candidates to make notes. Along with this, he used to practice answer writing fiercely. Akshat believes that answer writing is very important to be successful in this exam. Not only this, when Akshat used to prepare some part of a subject, he used to test it. Thus, during his preparation, he gave a lot of tests.

Do not get lost in the ocean of source –

Next advice is about intact source. They say that everyone knows about standard books, prepare from them and do not get into too many books. Similarly, there is a huge ocean of online sources, if you drown here then you will not be able to leave. Some websites are very good, use them but it does not mean that you start reading every other site. Otherwise the whole time will go like this.

Do not prepare the prep and mains separately and keep preparing both. Try to finish before you start the dedicated preparation for optional and GS pre, because this takes the most time. Once this is done, give the pre full-flashed time. If you talk about the news paper, Akshat says that read the same news paper and do not get caught in making notes or else the time for preparation will be reduced. If there is a particular subject, make notes of it, but make sure that you do not spend more than one and a half hours of the day reading the paper.

Akshat’s advice –

After preparation, Akshat gives the next advice that never allow your confidence to waver during the preparation of this exam. Many times you will feel that the syllabus itself is not being completed, others will overtake me, etc. But never let these thoughts dominate themselves. You do your best and keep yourself motivated. Just like Akshat’s parents are both civil servants and they got their motivation from here because their parents used to say that the happiness in working for others is not in any other work.

Do not think about things which are not in your hands, such as pay attention to your results and actions. Give your best and believe that true effort is never empty. They also say that strategy should be made very thoughtfully because it takes you on the path of success. Watch interviews of one or two toppers or seek guidance from someone, but make a strategy for yourself based on your abilities and needs. Never copy anyone.

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