First World War and Indian War Memorial (100 Years of First World War Armistice)

First World War and Indian War Memorial (100 Years of First World War Armistice)

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This year, when the entire First World War is celebrating the centenary of the First World War ceasefire, only 200 km from Paris. The Indian War Memorial was unveiled in the distant Villars Guslane. The purpose of the inauguration is to highlight the contribution of Indian soldiers in the freedom of France in this great war.


Important point

  • The memorial was unveiled by Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu, who was present as the representative of India at the centenary commemoration being celebrated in Prance.
  • It is the first National Memorial in memory of Indian soldiers who died in France during the First World War.
  • The memorial has been constructed by the Government of India in collaboration with United Services Institution (USI) of India.
  • This Memorial is different from the Indian Memorial of Neuve Chapple in Prance which was constructed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

World War I and India

  • In the First World War which lasted from 1914 to 1919, almost half of the world’s population was hit by violence.
  • The First World War came to an end with a ceasefire signed on 11 November 1918.
  • More than 1.5 million soldiers from India participated in this war, of which 1.3 million fought a war abroad. 72,000 Indian soldiers were killed in it.
  • India Gate of Delhi is a symbol of tribute to these unknown soldiers, on which the names of the soldiers who died in the First World War are inscribed.
  • Some places associated with India’s role in the First World War:
  • France: Nueva-Chapel Monument
  • Israel: Haifa memorial
  • India was not directly involved in the First World War, yet Indian soldiers participated in this war only to establish peace.

Battlefield Guides

  • The United Services Institution is preparing ‘Battlefield Guides’ of India’s pre-independence major wars to promote ‘Battlefield Tourism’.
  • The concept of ‘Battlefield Tourism’ is quite popular in Europe as the local economy of many places in Europe is driven by Battlefield Tourism.
  • Many tourists nationally and internationally come to visit these places, where the wars were fought.


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