Why civil service only?

After all, why do we want to choose our career as a civil servant – only for serving the country? It can also be done in other forms. Or just for money? But more than this salary can be found in other jobs and occupations. Then what is the reason that the civil service attracts us so much? Come, now let us introduce you some of the features of civil service that make it a center of attraction.

  • If we want to become a civil servant then it is natural that we also know what we can do by becoming a civil servant. In which posts are we appointed after passing this exam? What rights will we have? What challenges will we face? What will be our role in this and how much will change, etc. 
  • If we look at the level of governance, the important duties of the executive are discharged only through civil servants. In fact, since colonial times, the civil service has been seen as a steel structure. Although nearly 70 years of independence are nearing completion, its importance remains intact, but it has undergone some structural changes.
  • Previously, where it was in the role of a controller, now its role has been transformed into a Procurator of the welfare state, whose origin lies in the development of the country and the individual.
  • Today civil servants have wide powers to work, due to which they are also criticized many times. But, if this power is used properly, it can change both the condition and the direction of the country. This is the reason that youths who want to undergo major changes or do something good are attracted to this job and appear in the Civil Services Examination to involve themselves in this big role.
  • This is the only examination in which, after being successful, one gets a chance to hold high positions in administration in various fields and play an effective role in policy-making.
  • It not only provides attractive salary, security of post, variety of work area and all other types of facilities but also provides high social prestige along with the opportunity to reach the top in the administration of the country.
  • We get to read and hear about such IAS, IPS officers who have done amazing work in their district or any other field. Not only is his personal hard work behind this amazing, but also a big contribution to this is the nature of this service which gives him a lot of options and an opportunity to work on those options successfully.
  • It is due to the important role played in policy making that civil servants are able to materialize the policy reforms. 
  • There are many civil servants whose work is like a source of inspiration for us. Like – an IAS officer S.R. Shankaran continued to fight against bonded labor throughout his life and through his efforts, a law like the “Bonded Labor System (Abolition) Act, 1976” was enacted. Similarly B.D. IAS officers like Sharma tried to solve the problem of Naxalism with full sensitivity and became very popular in the tribal areas by successfully running many dynamic schemes. Similarly, an IAS officer like Anil Bordia did important work in the field of education. There are many examples in which many great opportunities were received under this service itself, due to which this service attracts a lot of candidates.
  • These services have always been a matter of priority and prestige among the candidates and the society, because of providing a better platform for stability, respect and broad, favorable and favorable conditions of work, etc. 
  • Overall, after entering the civil service we have many opportunities to move forward and move the country forward. Above all, together we can contribute to the development of various fields like agriculture, health, education, management, which is hardly possible in any other public sector.
  • Civil servants have many institutional powers that they can use to bring about radical changes in any area. This is the reason why successful people in different fields are also attracted to this service. 
  • The nature and challenges of each service covered under the Civil Services Examination vary. Hence, we will discuss in detail about the major civil services, such as how much scope of work is there in them, what is the arrangement of promotions, what position can we reach, etc., so that our vision towards our ‘career’ is even more To be clear.


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