Ancient History

History Topic

Ancient History

1.Stone Age
* Mesolithic Culture.

2.Indus Valley Civilization
* Geographical Settlements & Town Planning.
* Economic Life & Religion.

3.Vedic Civilization
* Early Vedic Period.
* Later Vedic Period.
* Vedic Literture.

* Mahajanpadas.

* Jainisim.

  1. Buddism
    1. Buddism.

* Alexander Expeditions in India.

8.Mauryan Empire
* Introduction Mauryan Empire.
* Mauryan Administration & Decline.

9.Post Mauryan Era.

10.Gupta Empire.
* Important Rulers (Samudragupta.)
* Administration,Literature & Religion.

11.Post Gupat Era.

12.Arab Invasion.

13.Tripartite Struggle for Kannauj.

14.Ghazni & Gori.

15.Mamluk Dynasty.


17.Tughlaq Dynasty.

18.Sayyad Dynasty.

19.Lodi Dynasty.







26.Mughal Administration.

27.Vijaynagar Empire.

28.Bahamani Kingdom.

29.Arrival of Europeans.

Modern History

1.Decline of Mughals.
* Structure of the Mughal Empire.
* Reasons for Decline.

2.Bengal and Battle of Plassey & Buxar.
* Administrative Structure of Bengal.
* Battle of Buxar and Plassey.

3.Hyderabad And Anglo-Carnatic Wars.
* Hyderabad.
* Anglo Carnatic Wars.
* Subsidiary Alliance,Reasons for French Failure.

4.Mysore and Anglo-Mysore Wars.
* Characteristics of the state of Mysore.
* Anglo Mysore Wars.
* Summary of Anglo Carnatic and Anglo Mysore.

5.Marathas and Anglo-Maratha Wars.
* Structure of the Maratha State.
* The 3rd Battle of Panipat.

6.Peasant Uprisings and Tribal.
* Major Tribal Uprising.

7.Economic Impact of British Rule.
* Economic Impact Part-1.
* Economic Impact Part-2.
* Railways.
* Land Revenue Policies Part-2.
* Summary.

8.Administrative Policy of British Rule.
* Civil Services,Policies,Judicial Reforms.
* Education Policy.

9.The War of 1857.
* Causes of the Revolt.
* Significance impact and causes of failure.
* Summary.

10.Social Reforms of 19th Century.
* Reformist Movements Part-2.
* Revivalist Movements.

11.Formation of the Congress.(1885-1905).
* Formation of Congress.
* Councils act of 1861 and 1862.

12.Partition of Bengal (1905-1911).
* Partition of Bengal.
* Surat Split,Formation Of Muslim league.

* Timeline.
* Home Rule league.
* Lucknow Pact.
* Gandhi in Indian Political Scene.

* Reasonas for Calling Off non-cooperation movment.
* Timeline 1922-1931.
* Nehru Report.

* Round Table Conference.
* The Untouchability Debate.

* Timeline.
* 1942-1946.

17.Communalism & Partition.

18.Enlightenment Thinkers.
* Introduction-Enlightenment thinkers.
* Political Philosophers.

19.American Revolution.
* Background.
* Causes.
* Course.
* After Math.

21.World War I.
* Background.
* Causes.
* Course and Consequences.

22.Russian Revolution.
* Russian Revolution.
* Lenin.
* Stalin.

23.Paris Peace Conference.
* Paris Pease Conference.

24.League of Nations.

25.Years Between Tow Wars.



28.Spanish Civil War.

29.World War II.

30.Integration of Princely States.

31.Reorganisation of States.

32.Nehru Initial Years.

33.Tribal Policy.

34.Dalai Lama.(Part-1,Part-2).

35.1962 India China War.

36.Shastri year.

37.Indira Gandhi Initial Years.

38.Indira Gandhi 1969-1973.


40.Sri Lanka Accord.

41.Political Parties of India.

42.Art & Culture.

  • Introduction.

*Geographical Background of Indian History and Culture.
*Rajput Period.
*Harappan Civilisation-1.(Mohenjodaro)
*Harappan Civilisation-2.
*Harappan Civilisation-3.
*Mauran Period.


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